Introducing the CHONK Scoop

Set it down, mess free

Specifically designed for the every day user, our Scoop lets you stop leaving a messy countertop. You can thank us later.

Stir your favorite jar

Love organic nut butter but hate the mess? Our Scoop is 9" in length, and sturdy enough to handle any consistency. Seamlessly blend the oil back into your favorite jar, and watch how happy it makes you.

Scrape every last bite

Our Scoop acts like the greatest spatula you've ever seen. Effortlessly comb the nooks and crannies inside any jar and watch what happens...we swear, you've never seen a jar this clean.

How much nut butter have you wasted?

At CHONK, we believe that if you love nut butter as much as we do, you deserve a better experience. That's why we designed an expertly crafted nut butter tool to help you nut better.

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Bundle & Save

Our nut butter tool makes for a great present. Get 15% off when you order 2 or 20% when you order 3.

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    When you buy 2 of our Scoops.

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    When you buy 3 of our Scoops.


Savor right from the jar with our Scoop

Designed specifically to improve your nut butter routine, so you can nut better.
The Perfect
Nut Butter
  • Stir It Up

  • Scrape Every Bit

  • Savor The Flavor

  • Stow It Away


Our mission:

The world eats over 100 million pounds of nut butter annually, but how much has been wasted, left behind at the bottom of each jar? How many oily hands, stained shirts, and messy countertops are made in the process?

This is why CHONK was born.

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